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U.S. Army awards contract to Griffon Aerospace for aerial target systems

Griffon Aerospace Inc. was awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Contracting Command for procuring advanced aerial target systems, according to a statement issued Monday by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The contract, announced by the Department of Defense, is worth more than $49,9 million and covers procure of MQM-170 “Outlaw” Remotely Piloted Vehicle Targets, MQM-171 “Broadsword” Unmanned Aerial Systems – Targets, depot level repair and maintenance, storage of government-furnished equipment, base operations services, field operations services, qualification training execution, and inventory and transfer support for targets management office and other Department of Defense customers.

Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Feb. 23, 2022.


The company’s website said the MQM-170 “Outlaw” was designed to satisfy a proposal for the U.S. Army to produce a low-cost and versatile unmanned aerial system (UAS)platform. Griffon won the contract and in 2004 the Outlaw G1 became known to US military as the MQM-170A Remotely Piloted Vehicle Target (RPVT). Outlaw G1 has proven itself to be a tough, reliable, and low-cost platform through extensive operations with the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, and even some Foreign Military Sales customers. Based on the great success as a target, the Outlaw G1 was developed further to fill various roles including ISR and flight training.

MQM-170 “Outlaw” (c) Griffon Aerospace

The Broadsword UAS is a much larger derivative of the MQM-170A Outlaw and is currently available for US military operations as the MQM-171A. The Broadsword is a 400-500 lbs. gross weight aircraft in contrast to the Outlaw G1, which is a 120 lbs. gross vehicle. It was developed as a research and test vehicle to evaluate new sensors, payloads, propulsion systems and other UAV components. Broadsword is a large capable aircraft ideal for emerging sensor or payload development missions.

The Broadsword is very similar in shape and general layout to the Outlaw G1. Like the G1, it is primarily launched from a larger pneumatic launcher and then recovered by skid landing. Also like its little brother G1, the Broadsword can be equipped with optional landing gear for sensitive payloads. The Broadsword is also used as a test bed for new or upgraded high power propulsion systems.

MQM-171 “Broadsword” (c) Griffon Aerospace

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