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SIGAS unveils COBRA lightweight multi-purpose UGV platform

A Bangladesh-based startup called SIGAS has unveiled the new COBRA lightweight multi-purpose Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

According to an official press release from SIGAS, the COBRA unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a reliable and affordable surveillance solution for security forces who are facing increasingly motivated terrorists.

SIGAS has designed the robot to be an affordable but yet reliable platform for both civil and law enforcement needs. COBRA has been designed as an all-terrain UGV, capable of negotiating mud, sand, tarmac, and slippery ceramic surfaces.Additionally, the UGV effortlessly climbs steep stairs to access any urban structure too risky for humans to approach. In essence, the COBRA has been designed to reduce risk to human life.


The robot’s small size and ability to negotiate any terrain allows access to any disputed quadrant under enemy control too dangerous to physically enter or look around using conventional reconnaissance techniques.


  • Weight: Between 12-16 Kg (Based on Extra Batteries)
  • Dimensions: Length (500mm) x Width (500mm) x Height (150mm)
  • Speed Maximum: 25 meter/minute (Three variable speeds: Min/Medium/Max)
  • Communication Range:  <300 meters in concrete rich environment with ‘Blocked Line of Sight’
  • Power Plant: 2 x Brushed Electric Motor (Battery Powered)

Performance standards have been designed to be competitive against comparable unmanned ground vehicles in this weight category currently available for commercial and military use in the international market.

Powerful day/night video sensors allow absolute situational awareness without exposure to gunfire, grenades, IEDs, and other imminent dangers.

“It may be said that our first product, COBRA, is what we call an ‘Anti-Terrorist Solution,’ for use during anti-terrorist operations by police/paramilitary users”, noted in the SIGAS.

The COBRA is an affordable and expendable tool for ‘pre-raid’ and ‘during-raid’ reconnaissance in a wide range of operational theatres. It is portable, has good signal penetration through concrete walls, and can comfortably survive the rigours of paramilitary usage, or military usage for that matter.

Made in Bangladesh, the performance specifications of the robot are comparable against any foreign counterparts. SIGAS specializes in the development of High-Capability Electro-Mechanical Systems for Crisis Management Applications.

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