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Russia completes testing of Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled artillery

The Russian state-owned tech corporation Rostec has announced the successful completion of state trials for the new Russian 2S35  self-propelled system known as “Koalitsiya-SV.”

“The newest howitzer surpasses the best world and domestic models in terms of range and accuracy of firing, as well as the time of solving combat tasks,” Rostec said in a press release.

The “Koalitsiya-SV” is designed to address a wide range of combat scenarios, including the destruction of artillery and mortar batteries, armored vehicles, enemy personnel, and even air defense and missile defense assets. The system’s processes, including shell selection, fuse installation, and gun orientation, are fully automated, significantly reducing the time required to commence firing and ensuring a high rate of fire.


One notable feature of the “Koalitsiya-SV” is its high level of automation, with the crew situated in an isolated armored capsule, allowing for remote control of the combat vehicle. Compared to existing artillery systems, “Koalitsiya-SV” boasts a significantly reduced reaction time to address unexpected threats, a critical feature in modern combat scenarios.

As of early 2022, reports from Russian sources indicated that up to 26 units of the “Koalitsiya-SV” had been supplied to the armed forces, with 18 of them expected to be integrated into the Taman Division.

However, “The Military Balance 2023” indicates that as of the beginning of 2023, the Russian army had only eight artillery systems of this type in its inventory. This apparent disparity could be attributed to overestimations by Kremlin propagandists regarding the quantity of “Koalitsiya-SV” systems delivered to the military, along with an embellishment of their technical capabilities.

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