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Osprea Logistics delivers Mamba vehicles for mystery African buyer

Osprea Logistics, based in the United States, has completed the delivery of 50 Mamba mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles to a client in Africa, according to a company news release.

Derived from the South African-designed Mamba, the Mamba Mk 7 has been solely produced in the United States by Osprea Logistics since 2016. This recent delivery includes a mix of Mamba Mk 7s, Mk 7-Xs, and 6×6 Armoured Wreckers, offering various configurations to meet diverse operational needs.

The company’s press release highlights Osprea Logistics’ reputation for providing robust MRAPs, surviving multiple improvised explosive device (IED) strikes ranging from 50 kg to 80 kg and beyond. Deployed in high-threat regions like Somalia, Mali, and Niger, these armored vehicles have reported no fatalities among their users.


The Mamba Mk 7’s resilience and versatility have made it the preferred choice for peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency missions. Its cost-effectiveness, coupled with NATO-level armored protection, has drawn the attention of organizations and governments worldwide.

Several African nations, including Kenya and Uganda, have used Mambas in Somalia as part of the AMISOM peacekeeping initiative. SIPRI records show substantial deliveries to these nations in recent years, affirming the Mamba’s pivotal role in enhancing operational capabilities in conflict zones.

Certified to STANAG Level 4A and 4B blast protection, the Mamba Mk 7 offers significant ballistic and mine blast resistance, surpassing standard levels. Specifically tailored for elite Special Forces units, variants like the upscaled Mk7-X, equipped with a 410 hp engine and independent suspension, further enhance its capabilities.

Osprea emphasizes the Mamba Mk 7’s operational superiority, featuring enhanced situational awareness with rear windows, a sloping bonnet, and optimal maneuverability with an industry-leading turning circle. Its adaptability is showcased through various configurations, serving as troop carriers, command and control units, ambulances, and emergency recovery vehicles.

With a manufacturing facility in North Carolina, Osprea Logistics demonstrates the capacity to assemble 300 MRAP vehicles annually, showcasing a production potential of up to 8 vehicles per week.

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