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LITPOLUKRBRIG: Ukrainian Officers share their Anti-Terrorist Operation experience

The case study concerning personal experience and contribution to conducting the Anti-Terrorist Operation in the eastern part of Ukraine was held by the Ukrainian officers in Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command, on 07 and 08 March 2017.

During the two days Polish and Lithuanian military personnel familiarized with the experience in the field of the beginning of ATO as well as the aspects of deployment of Ukrainian troops. In particular, the discussions focused on the organization of troops management, logistic and medical support, communication systems, and counterpropaganda actions.

“Also, in details we explained stages of Luhansk airport defense and withdrawal of the troops from there in summer 2014. The officers shared their real combat experience and identified main challenges in command and control. I hope it will facilitate the implementation of our experience in the LITPOLUKRBRIG training process and will help to avoid some failures in the future” explained Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, Deputy Commander of LITPOLUKRBRIG.


At the end of the case study the participants watched a documentary movie titled “Raid”. The video story described unique operations of the Ukrainian high mobile airborne troops in the late August – early September 2014.

“The case study is a beneficial experience from the real life. We want to learn how to prevent such crucial events, how to react, how to be effective during future deployments. Our staff officers will analyze the lessons learned and will see the gaps we can improve” concluded Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Commander.

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