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Legendary Apache helicopter marks 40 years of service

The Apache helicopter, a stalwart in the skies for four decades, is celebrating 40 years of service.

The Program Executive Office, Aviation said in a release that with an illustrious history spanning more than five million flight hours and continual technological evolution, the AH-64 Apache stands as a pinnacle of aerial warfare capability.

Since its inaugural delivery in January 1984, the Apache has been the cornerstone of the Army’s heavy attack helicopter fleet. Tasked with safeguarding America’s interests worldwide, this iconic aircraft remains steadfast in its duty, serving both the U.S. Army and 18 international partners and allies.


Under the stewardship of the Project Management Office for Apache, the helicopter has undergone a series of enhancements, evolving from its original configuration to become the epitome of attack helicopter excellence. The latest iteration, introduced in 2020, integrates cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the Apache’s continued relevance on the modern battlefield.

Colonel Jay Maher, Apache project manager, reflects on the helicopter’s journey, stating, “We’re extremely proud of the weapon system and the progression of capability over the years.” With over 1,340,000 flight hours logged in combat and peacekeeping missions across Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and beyond, the Apache has proven its mettle time and again.

From strategic strikes deep into enemy territory to ground support operations, the Apache has played a pivotal role in shaping military engagements worldwide. Notably, during Desert Storm, it spearheaded the destruction of enemy radar facilities, heralding the onset of a coalition-led liberation effort in Kuwait.

Looking ahead, the Apache Program Office remains committed to innovation, continuously enhancing the helicopter’s capabilities, safety, and maintainability. Maher emphasizes, “Our priority is to provide Warfighters with the necessary capabilities to be successful on tomorrow’s battlefield.”

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