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L3Harris, Voyis, Wavefront join forces to elevate NATO Navy’s AUV capabilities

A collaborative effort between defense technology leaders L3Harris, Voyis, and Wavefront is set to revolutionize NATO Navy’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), offering advanced capabilities that could redefine mine countermeasure (MCM) operations.

L3Harris, known for its expertise in developing AUVs for diverse maritime applications, has integrated Voyis’ Recon LS and Wavefront’s Solstice 3000 multiple-aperture sonar (MAS) onto the Iver4 900 platform. This integration aims to enhance defense missions, including search and rescue, surveillance, mine countermeasures, and oceanography.

The innovative payload, comprising Voyis’ compact dynamic laser scanner, 4K imaging system, and Wavefront’s multi-aperture side-scan sonar, offers enhanced capabilities for covertly detecting, classifying, and identifying mine-like objects (MLOs) underwater. This system aims to mitigate risks to divers and reduce the need for multiple assets within the minefield.


The L3Harris Iver4 900 vehicle provides stability and endurance to maximize the potential of the payload, reinforcing its efficiency and reliability in critical defense missions.

courtesy photo
courtesy photo

In the realm of mine countermeasure operations, the Recon LS/WaveFront Solstice MAS Combined AUV payload seeks to streamline complex missions. By integrating advanced technologies, it enables single assets to perform intricate tasks without deploying additional resources within hazardous environments, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency.

The collaboration extends beyond technological innovation. Voyis and Wavefront have partnered with Forcys, a global maritime defense company under the Covelya Group, to promote this advanced system to allied nations, further reinforcing its potential global impact in enhancing maritime defense capabilities.

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