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Israel reveals details of next-generation armored vehicles

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released new details of its next-generation armored vehicle,  saying it is considered one of the safest vehicles in the world.

According to the IDF report, the 603rd Battalion has been training with the newest heavily armoured infantry fighting vehicle based on the chassis of the Merkava 4 main battle tank.

The next-generation armoured fighting vehicle is called Namer (Tiger) and combat engineering version is called Nemera.


The Nemera armored vehicle is capable of overcoming almost any obstacle in the field, and thanks to its high quality armor, is considered one of the safest vehicles in the world.  Additionally, it’s able to move on a wide variety of terrain and can target objects from a great distance. This powerful vehicle transports soldiers during operations in enemy territory and expands the capabilities of the IDF Ground Forces.

The 603rd Battalion has been training with the machine and works on fully comprehending everything it’s capable of doing. Lieutenant Koren, the Company’s Deputy Commander in the Battalion said, “We know how important what we’re doing is and so we make sure we train constantly. We prepare for the second we receive an order and need to carry it out in the best possible way.”

The Nemera armored vehicle protects soldiers, while transporting them through complex and dangerous places. “We know where the enemy will hide their weapons and even place rocket launchers. Additionally, our soldiers are experts in underground warfare and we have the means to defeat Israel’s enemies and destroy the terror tunnels,” Lt. Koren emphasized.

The Nemera heavily armoured infantry fighting vehicle also is equipped with modern Rafael’s Trophy active protection modules, also called ASPRO-A, designed to neutralise all types of current and known future threats, including anti-tank guided missiles, all rocket-propelled grenade types, and all types of recoilless rifle munitions.

Trophy Family in action.

Israel’s defense ministry stated in 2015: “The Namer is considered to be the most protected armored combat vehicle in the world, which proved its abilities during fighting in Operation Protective Edge against many threats.” As a result, it plans to introduce more of the vehicles into the army over the next decade, to replace the M113s currently in service.

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