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US set to double Israel’s air defense arsenal

Reports from Bloomberg, citing US officials, indicate that Israel stands to double its ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system arsenal, thanks to a potential $14.3 billion aid package from the United States.

The financial assistance is earmarked to bolster Israel’s defense capabilities, encompassing the production of an additional 100 Iron Dome missile launchers and a minimum of 14,000 interceptor missiles known as Tamir. Presently, each of the existing 10 Iron Dome batteries comprises three to four launchers, 20 Tamir missiles, and combat radar.

Weighing in on the potential impact of this aid package, Wes Rumbaugh, an analyst from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), highlighted to Bloomberg that the US aid will facilitate Israel in deploying approximately 25 more Iron Dome batteries, assuming each accommodates three to four launchers. However, Rumbaugh noted that a portion of the funds might be directed towards replacing outdated equipment rather than solely focusing on new production.


The House of Representatives in the US recently passed, by a majority vote, a proposed bill by Republican lawmakers to allocate $14.3 billion in aid to Israel, excluding support for Ukraine, on November 3rd.

The deployment of additional systems is anticipated to be beneficial for the Israeli manufacturer of Iron Dome, Rafael, and the American corporation RTX – the owner of Raytheon and Pratt & Whitney, both of which supply components for the missiles. Bloomberg underscored that in March 2014, the US and Israel entered into an agreement for joint production, allowing these components to be manufactured within the United States.

This substantial increase in aid is poised to significantly enhance Israel’s defense capabilities and reinforce its missile defense infrastructure amid continued war with Hamas.

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