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Global Dynamics unveiled modern unmanned ground vehicle with Shablya RWS

Ukrainian company Global Dynamics for the first time publicly unveiled its new unmanned ground vehicle with Shablya remote weapon station (RWS) at this year’s Arms and Security international specialized exhibition in Kyiv.

According to the company’s official, the advanced unmanned ground vehicle called the IRONCLAD, designed for reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) missions to increase the security of personnel manning forward locations.

The IRONCLAD can be positioned in remote areas unabled to monitor by personnel. Operation of the platform is easy, each wheel has its own electric engine with epitrochoid harmonic drive to ensure robust torque transmission to ensure steady footing in rough terrain and on steep slopes.


The remote control is enabled via secure radio control channel with a backup fiber-optic line. Each IRONCLAD radio system extends the reach of network coverage and allows connection of additional MESH nodes. Modular layered armor allows quick replacement of damaged parts.

The IRONCLAD is powered by Diesel Power Train (15 kW) generators provide electricity to 4 electric engines (12 kW), producing a road speed of up to 20 km/h. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 1,100 kg, of which 200 kg is the payload (weapons, ammunition), according to Global Dynamics.

Photo by Aleksandr Naumenko


  • Armor – Class 4 chassis, Modular stand-Off front (12.7mm);
  • Continued Operation, full load – 4 hrs;
  • Continued Operation, mixed mode – 10 hrs;
  • Battery Only Distance, All-Terrain, max – 1 hrs;
  • Hybrid Mode Distance, All-Terrain, max – 130 km;
  • Maximum Speed, All-Terrain – 20 km/h;
  • Torque on Wheel, max – 3500 N;
  • Dimensions, chassis, L/W/H, cm – 2570/1705/96.

Global Dynamics equipped the new IRONCLAD unmanned ground vehicle with the Shablya RWS armed with a stabilised machine gun (MG).

IRONCLAD unmanned ground vehicle with the Shablya RWS. Photo by Aleksandr Naumenko

Shablya is designed for wheeled and tracked platforms vehicles, including unmanned vehicles, and static installation on tripod.

Modular construction enables easy and quick replacement of different components. Interchangeable weapon cradle allows installation of standard 7.62/.308 and 12.7/.50 machine guns. Targeting accuracy is 0.2 MOA (5 cm @ 1 km)

Modular video unit comes with basic and extended configuration. The basic configuration includes three highly sensitive video cameras with wide, medium and long lenses, while extended configuration features daylight cameras, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder.

Shablya RWS is used for surveillance, data acquisition and fire support with deployed forces. Future configurations of Shablya will include weapon cradles for 40mm grenade launchers and Karl Gustav rocket launcher, smoke system, a double cradle for light & heavy weaponry. High reliability, availability, maintainability, and durability.

Lightweight, the Shablya RWS is a softer alternative to the traditional turret.

Photo by Aleksandr Naumenko

Global Dynamics unites engineering, defense MilTech and latest technology. Company creates robotic solutions in accordance to best practices in the quickly developing robotic industry. Dynamic adaptation of military forces to modern technologies and new battle systems in the following years will mark military capability and performance.


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