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British Army evaluates innovative wheeled carrier

HIPPO Multipower has demonstrated the multi-role capabilities of the hybrid multi-purpose platform on the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) 2023 as part of the British Army’s flagship innovation experimentation program, forging relationships with industry to identify technology that could be used in future warfare.

According to Army Recognition, the British Army has tested the Hybrid Amphibious Wheeled Carrier (HAWC), an innovative vehicle redefining the landscape of modern warfare.

HAWC, an adaptable multi-purpose platform, aims to alleviate the burdens on dismounted soldiers and light forces, constituting a pivotal asset in the Army’s ongoing adaptation to the evolving dynamics of combat. This initiative aligns with the broader AWE, seeking to fortify the British Army’s capabilities in response to emerging challenges in warfare.


The electrically powered HAWC and its autonomous iteration, the RAPTOR, boast remarkable specifications tailored to revolutionize tactical operations. With a payload capacity of 1000 kg, these carriers significantly lighten the load for soldiers, enabling faster mobility, communication, and response.


Their versatility extends to tactical load carriage, resupply missions, surveillance, weapon carriage, and more, demonstrating adaptability in varied scenarios. These carriers, equipped with lithium-ion batteries for prolonged silent operations, not only amplify maneuverability but also export 5 kW of electrical power, catering to diverse energy needs on the battlefield.

Crucially, the HAWC offers both manned and optionally manned/autonomous configurations, while the Raptor operates exclusively in unmanned/autonomous modes. This strategic flexibility optimizes manpower utilization and mitigates risks by deploying unmanned carriers for high-risk tasks, ensuring soldier safety in perilous situations.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include that HIPPO Multipower’s World Headquarters is at 3200 Fiberglass Rd. Kansas City, KS 66115, U.S.A. However, HIPPO Multipower collaborates with U.K. Pardus Defence & Security Ltd and others in this major Army Warfare Experiment (AWE) testing exercise.

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