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Belarus’s company KB Radar to unveil «Vostok-3D» radar at MILEX 2017

The KB Radar, one of the leading organizations of the Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus, is developing a 3D Radar «Vostok-3D» that will be unveiled at the MILEX 2017 exhibition in May.

The Vostok 3D radar has been developed solely in Belarus and can substitute foreign products. Made by KB Radar, the managing company of the holding company Radar Systems, it is designed to detect aerial targets, measure their distance and bearing, altitude and radial velocity. The radar station can also automatically track trajectories of targets, recognize the target’s class, and feed the resultant data to an integrated control system.

The 3D Radar «Vostok-3D» is designed for detection of aerial platforms, measurement of their range, azimuth, altitude and range rate, automatic target tracking and classification, transmission of radar information into a unified control system.


«Vostok-3D» is a new, fully belarusian development capable of substituting all known 3D radars and range-finder + height-finder radar suites.

«Vostok-3D» notably outperforms the VHF P-18, 5R84А, 1L13 radars, the 3D 19Zh6 as well as other existent foreign radars in terms of performance characteristics due to use of state-of-the-art in radar and digital technologies, employment of 2 frequencies, advanced engineering solutions.


  • antenna equipment vehicle;
  • remote automated workstation (RAWS);
  • autonomous diesel power generator.

At the MILEX 2017 the Belarus’s company KB Radar will demonstrate the defence technology products that the Belarusian army has now and that have been upgraded since the previous expo in addition to the latest products, which include radio location solutions implementing state-of-the-art radio location and radio signal processing techniques.

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