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Vietnam to Build 4 More Molniya Ship with New Weapons

As told by representatives of Vympel Shipyard (Russia) on 29/6, the companies hope to soon sign a contract to Vietnam closed Molniya 4 more ships with new equipment.

Answer to the media, Mr. Victor Doskin, deputy general manager Vympel shipbuilding conglomerate, said: “We are pleased about the cooperation with Vietnam and hopes to continue this work, because general agreement signed earlier will provide parts to Vietnam self-closing 10 Molniya ship. Currently, Vietnam has played six pieces, and we hope to soon sign contracts to build four more aircraft. ”

Reportedly this is not the first time Vympel Shipyard disclose information about this contract. 3/2015 month, Mr. Oleg Belkov – CEO Vympel Shipyard told Interfax-AVN news agency that the company is discussing a contract for Vietnam to build more than 4 Molniya rocket ship upgrades.


According to a contract signed in 2013, Vietnam has received 2 rocket Molniya Russian-made first and add 6 ships which was built and assembled under license in Ba Son shipyard in country.

“Vietnam wants to continue to maintain a manufacturing cycle Molniya class missile boats, they do not want to cancel the existing facilities. In 2015, the two sides will carry out the procedures for contracting and implementation the purchase of necessary equipment. Sang 2016, will begin the fabrication, “he said Belkov.

According Belkov, contracts for 4 rocket Molniya new version (upgrade of equipment on board) could be Russia and Vietnam signed in 2015.

On the security of gas turbine engines for four ships equipped Molniya missile upgrades, Zorya-Mashproekt plant in Nikolayev (Ukraine) will continue to give Vietnam a dynamic which does not yet affected by termites Relations between Russia – Ukraine now because of this engine will be the company’s direct supply Ukraine Vietnam.

He also noted that Belkov ship missiles can also optionally use Russian-made engine.

Powerful weapon

As soon as the contract closed 4 more Molniya missile boat was not Vietnam and Russia signed, Russian media have predicted the category of weapons and equipment for four new vessels. According to TASS dated 16/6, Vietnam Molniya ship will be equipped with modern missile systems capable Club attack surface ships, submarines and land-based.

Mr. Alexander Shlyakhtenko, Director General Naval Design Institute Almaz (Russia) told news agency TASS that Vietnam is playing the rocket ship of Project 12 418 licensed technology transfer from Russia, and the Russians want supply newer missile systems. He Shlyakhtenko that maybe it was Club missile system with missiles comes as Caliber (export version).

Although not yet revealed the system version will be equipped Club aboard the Navy’s rocket Molniya Vietnam but based on these products OKB Novator Group (Russia) showed that the system almost certainly Club -N will be selected by only this version is designed to equip ships. There is also a Club-S for submarines, Club-M land-based layout (kind of mobile launchers), and Club-K placed in the container may be located on ships or trucks, trains …

If the ship is equipped Molniya missile system Club-N, apart from the ability to attack targets on land, attacking ships, ship missiles Vietnam can be the submarine with terror attacks.

According to the manufacturer, the payroll of the Club-N system: anti-ship missile 3M-54E, 3M-54E1, missiles 3M-14E land-attack, anti-submarine missiles 91RTE2; Missile systems; Rocket launchers vertical launch tube-14E 3S 3S-14PE or diagonally. Anti-submarine missiles Structure: missile ballistic missile 91RTE2 is two stories jet engine solid fuel, the first floor is the engine speed engine climb, the second floor is the engine cruise engine solid fuel.

Warhead missiles mounted anti-submarine missiles APR-3ME (weight 475kg, 350mm diameter, 3500mm length, 74kg explosive blocks) or anti-submarine torpedoes MPT-1UME (weight 300 kg, a diameter of 324, the length 3000mm and explosive mass 60kg). NATO designation SS-N-27 “Sizzler”.

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