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US nuclear-capable B-52 bomber lands in South Korea for the first time

A U.S. B-52 strategic bomber made its first-ever landing in South Korea on Tuesday.

The landing came after the bomber participated in a commemorative flight over a biennial defense trade show in the country and engaged in joint air exercises alongside South Korean stealth fighter jets.

While B-52 bombers, considered a pivotal U.S. strategic asset, have previously conducted joint air drills over the Korean Peninsula in partnership with the South Korean Air Force, this marked the first instance of one of these bombers landing at an air base within South Korea.


Before the landing, the aircraft participated in a joint air exercise over the peninsula, collaborating with South Korean F-35A fighters, as reported by South Korea’s Air Force.

The landing of the B-52 bomber in South Korea demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the United States to support its ally and strengthen defense cooperation in the region. Such joint exercises and deployments serve as a clear message of deterrence and readiness, contributing to regional security and stability.

“This exercise once again demonstrated the South Korean and U.S. Air Forces’ outstanding combined operational capabilities and the U.S.’ commitment to extended deterrence for the defense of the Republic of Korea,” the armed service said, referring to South Korea by its official name.

The inclusion of the B-52 in these exercises showcases the United States’ resolve to ensure the defense of South Korea and its determination to protect regional peace and stability. The bomber’s landing on South Korean soil marks a significant milestone in the bilateral defense partnership between the two nations.

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