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UkrOboronProm unveils model of new MR18 radar can detect stealth aircraft

State-owned Ukrainian defence manufacturer UkrOboronProm has unveiled its new MR18 high-mobility surveillance metric wave radar during the Arms and Security 2017 exhibition in Kyiv.

The new MR18 high-mobility surveillance metric wave radar is developing by  Iskra Scientific and Production Complex, a part of UkrOboronProm. The radar is based on a digital phased array and allows to detect Stealth airborne objects.

The MR18 high-mobility surveillance metric wave radar is designed to enlarge radar detection field of air defense system. The new MR18 radar system is based on the one chassis of KrAZ high-mobility cross-country truck chassis.



  • Operating frequency range UHF
  • Maximum radar operation limits in range, 400 km
  • Scanning interval, 10, 20 s
  • Clutter suppression, 50 dB
  • Amming cancelling, 20 dB
  • Track throughput, more than 300
  • Number of transport units 1
  • Deployment/closing time, 5/3 min

The new Ukrainian MR18 radar is capable of detecting and tracking the stealth fifth-generation plane or any other fighter jets or aircraft. Also, MR18 radar can be used in air-defense missile systems, for fighter guidance or for Air Force combat training.

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