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Ukrainian soldiers wrestle with a million-mouse invasion

On the battlefield in Ukraine, an extraordinary situation unfolds as military personnel find themselves battling not only enemies but also a swarm of millions of mice.

In bunkers, trenches, and residential buildings, soldiers are bewilderedly fending off rodent attacks, causing unpredictable and sometimes irreparable damage.

Photos and videos posted by the military depict the onslaught of small rodents, like mice, destroying food supplies, electrical appliances, cables, clothing, and other property. Despite the soldiers’ attempts to use various methods to combat them, the mice continue to ravage their positions.


Journalists from Novynarnia published footage from an artillery unit that fell victim to the mouse invasion. It turns out that, in addition to ordinary items, mice are causing harm to artillery powders, jeopardizing the combat readiness of military units.

Not only food and technical supplies suffer from the mouse infestation. The rodents have already inflicted damage on costly communication systems and even pose a threat to helicopters, which have become a primary type of infantry equipment in this war.

“In general, millions of mice here. They have their own atmosphere and civilization. We observe evolution in action,” share the impressions of the military.

Various means, including peppermint essential oil believed to have a deterrent effect, are employed in efforts to repel the mice.

Attempts to use ultrasonic devices have also proven ineffective. Military personnel express disappointment, acknowledging that humane mouse traps and relocation efforts are only temporary measures.

One of the possible reasons for the mouse infestation is attributed to the anomalously warm first half of autumn, which seems to create ideal conditions for rodents’ active activity and reproduction. The military remains on their positions, searching for new and effective ways to repel this unexpected mouse attack.

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