Thursday, May 16, 2024

Ukrainian forces repel large-scale Russian attack near Kupiansk

In a recent clash, Russian military forces attempted to storm Ukrainian positions near Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region, Militarnyi reported.

Thanks to the swift and coordinated efforts of aerial reconnaissance units, Ukrainian troops detected the movement of Russian armored vehicles and infantry in time to prepare a defense. During the battle near Kupiansk, Ukrainian forces successfully neutralized a Russian armored group.

Numerous Russian military vehicles were left in flames, while specific casualty figures among Russian troops remain undisclosed. The battles in the region are not limited to Kupiansk itself or its nearby settlements. Instead, intense, protracted confrontations occur over small patches of land.


One Ukrainian soldier, communicating through the Telegram “Gostri Kartuzi,” described the situation: “Unfortunately, they sacrifice countless lives and resources just to advance 300 meters into a firing position and secure it. They’re taking the lives of our brave soldiers who steadfastly defend our country.”

Image by Gostri Kartuzi
Image by Gostri Kartuzi

Photographs shared in the Telegram showcased the wreckage of Russian military vehicles, along with casualties among Russian soldiers. Notably, a considerable number of infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-2) and T-72 tanks were among the destroyed assets.

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