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Turkish firms equip drone with 40mm grenade launcher

Asisguard and Repkon Savunma Sistemleri successfully integrated the SONGAR drone with a 40mm grenade launcher.

Asisguard’s armed drone, SONGAR, underwent a series of integration efforts with Repkon Savunma Sistemlerinin’s RDS40-MGL, a 6-barrel rotary grenade launcher.

The armed drone underwent field deployment, showcasing seamless integration with the 6-barrel rotary grenade launcher through a successful firing test.


Barış Düzgün, General Manager of Asisguard said that commitment to enhancing SONGAR’s capabilities by incorporating diverse ammunition types and payloads following its deployment to security forces.

Düzgün emphasized SONGAR’s enhanced capabilities with the integration of the 6-barrel rotary grenade launcher, enabling more effective targeting and increased firing capacity. He remarked, “We continue our work on different payloads. We are also working on a 2-axis gimbal design to support night operations based on customer requests from the field. This will enable operational capabilities with night vision.”

Uğur Cem Gürpınar, Director of Business Development and Corporate Communication at Repkon Savunma Sistemleri, emphasized their achievement in providing a new utilization concept for the 6-barrel rotary grenade launcher, recognized as the lightest in its class and manufactured using steel material through the flowforming method, featuring rifling in the barrel.

Gürpınar highlighted the imminent visibility of both the 40mm automatic and 6-barrel rotary grenade launchers in numerous air, land, and sea platforms domestically and internationally throughout 2024.

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