Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tourists found abandoned Merkava tanks in Golan Heights

Tourists found several Merkava Mk.IV main battle tanks of the Israel Defense Forces during its trip to the Golan Heights.

Video taken by the tourists was released in social media and showed tanks full of equipment and weapons in an open field without any supervision or guard.

“The family goes on a hiking trip in the Golan and finds abandoned and open tanks full of ammunition. The tanks, which were there as part of an IDF [Israel Defense Forces] drill were left with no one watching them,” said in twitter.


Golan Heights, also called Golan Plateau, Hebrew Ramat Ha-Golan or Ha-Golan, hilly area overlooking the upper Jordan River valley on the west. The area was part of extreme southwestern Syria until 1967, when it came under Israeli military occupation, and in December 1981 Israel unilaterally annexed the part of the Golan it held.

As to the Merkava Mk. IV, it is the latest model of the Merkava series of Main Battle Tanks developed in the 1970s for the Israeli Defense Force.

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