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Oregon Army National Guard fields new sniper rifles

The Oregon Army National Guard is advancing its sniper capabilities with the new MK 22 precision sniper rifles, marking a significant leap forward in its arsenal.

Sgt. Tyler Takagi, a member of the sniper team within the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, highlighted the necessity for an upgrade from the M2010 and M107 sniper rifles. The MK 22 was chosen to bridge this gap, offering enhanced precision compared to the M107’s .50 caliber rounds and extending its range beyond the capabilities of the M2010’s .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

“The important piece of that rifle is the Army wanted to update the weapon system, but they wanted to keep it more precision because the .50 cals are not super precise,” Takagi said.


The MK 22’s modular design allows for the interchangeability of barrels and bolts, accommodating various ammunition types such as 7.62mm, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum. This adaptability empowers snipers to customize their rifles according to specific mission parameters, a feature hailed as a significant asset on the battlefield.

Takagi, who serves in the Oregon National Guard while concurrently working as a police officer, emphasizes the dual role’s opportunity to contribute to both community and country.

“The benefits are great. They’ll pay for your college, which I’ve taken advantage of, and the camaraderie and the friends you meet will be lifelong,” Takagi remarked.

The adoption of the modular MK22 sniper rifle reinforces the organization’s effectiveness in fulfilling its federal missions with heightened lethality and precision.

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