Friday, May 24, 2024

Japan Coast Guard buys more H225 helicopters

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has awarded Airbus a contract to supply an additional three H225 helicopters, taking its total H225 fleet up to 18.

Having received three H225s in December 2023 and one in February 2024, the JCG’s reliance on the Super Puma family of helicopters has been longstanding. Jean-Luc Alfonsi, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Japan.

The H225’s versatility and performance in adverse weather conditions make it an ideal choice for the JCG’s critical missions. Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and an intuitive interface, the H225 minimizes pilot workload, allowing them to focus on mission execution, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety.


Backed by Airbus’ comprehensive HCare Smart support program, the JCG can rely on seamless fleet management while prioritizing operational readiness.

As noted by the company, as a member of the renowned Super Puma family, the H225 boasts unparalleled range, speed, and payload capacity, making it a preferred choice for various missions, including search and rescue, VIP transport, firefighting, and cargo transportation. Its exceptional endurance and reliability further reinforce its suitability for Japan’s diverse operational requirements.

With 24 H225s currently in operation across Japan for a myriad of missions, including those conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Defence and other parapublic operators, the H225 continues to play a pivotal role in safeguarding Japan’s maritime interests and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

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