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First U.S. Army Abrams tank spotted with modern protection systems

The U.S. Army has deployed to Europe its first Abrams main battle tanks that fitted with modern protection systems to provide the Army’s logistics teams with the opportunity to assess and experience the dynamics of moving and installing the system in a field environment.

The U.S. Army Europe tweeted images of their tanks fitted with the Trophy active protection system and the Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles.

An Abrams equipped with Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles (ARAT) and Trophy system at Bergen-Hohne Training Area, Germany, prior to phase two of DEFENDER-Europe 20.


Phase I of the modified DEFENDER-Europe 20 was linked exercise Allied Spirit, which took place at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Poland, June 5-19, with approximately 6,000 U.S. and Polish Soldiers. In Phase II of the modified DEFENDER-Europe 20, a U.S.-based combined arms battalion will conduct an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise to Europe July 14 – Aug. 22.

The ARAT consists of 62 tiles, weighing nearly two tons, that are designed to detonate upon impact from rocket propelled grenades forcing explosions away from the tank’s tracks.

As to Trophy, this is active protection system developed by the Israeli Company RAFAEL.

RAFAEL is a global leader in Active Protection solutions for armored vehicles, selected by the most advanced armed forces in the world. Currently, Trophy is the world’s only combat-proven active protection system (APS), operational since 2011. The trophy can be deployed on any AFVs including MBTs, 8X8s, and other medium-weight platforms.

According to a press release issued by the U.S. Army Europe, the fielding of Trophy systems provides the U.S. Army’s logistics teams with the opportunity to assess and experience the dynamics of moving and installing the system in a field environment.

“As part of the training, the unit will also mount the Trophy system on Abrams tanks,” it said in a statement. “Trophy is an active protection system that is designed to detect and defeat rocket propelled grenades, recoilless rifles and anti-tank guided missiles.”

Photo by Sgt. Evan Ruchotzke


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