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Argentine Air Force received three IA 63 Pampa III aircraft

The Argentine Aircraft Factory (FADEA) delivered to the Argentine Air Force three aircraft IA 63 Pampa III that will be used to control drug trafficking in the northern border of the country.

The aircraft, built entirely in Argentina, are basic training unit for advanced and light attack. The Pampa III reaches a maximum altitude of 13 thousand meters, has a length of 10.90 m, a wingspan of 9.69 m, a maximum speed of 870 km / h, a cruising speed of 650 km/ h and a maximum range of 2.315 Km This new model was modernized and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, especially in the cockpit, where all the commands are digital, from the fuel register to the planning of a mission.

The vehicle has anew fuel-efficient turbofan engine Honeywell TFE 731-40-2N, a tandem full glass cockpit with an integrated navigation / communication / attack system, training unis fuel tanks, four removable stations for weapons, a station central fora pod with a 30 speed of or 2 7.62 with state guns, MK 81 bombs (113 kg) and 68 mm rocket launcher.


These aircraft are capable of long-range coastal patrols, custody commands are, air-to-air missions, air-ground, offensive tactical reconnaissance and interception of low-altitude flights. Likewise, the possibility of offering it for its low cost to the Air Forces of South America is being evaluated.

Gabriel Bazzolo

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