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US military still underestimates threat from tiny drones

In a compelling revelation, independent war journalist Chris Naganuma underscores a pivotal shift in modern warfare, highlighting the dramatic evolution and implications of tiny and low-cost drones.

Naganuma’s insights, shared on his LinkedIn page, shed light on a paradigm shift in military tactics. He emphasizes that traditional strategies involving infantry maneuvers may soon become obsolete in the face of rapidly advancing drone technology.

“The drone war won’t be about expensive platforms, but conducted in the sub $750 mark with 3D printers,” notes Naganuma.


He stresses the imperative for military branches to adapt swiftly, emphasizing the potential of these affordable platforms as a potent force multiplier.

“It’s always interesting speaking with US forces on drone threats. It doesn’t seem like most US military branches understand how fast this is advancing or the level of threat these pose,” he also stated.

russian soldier with FPV drone

Tiny drones, priced at several hundred dollars, have exhibited their effectiveness in conflict zones like Ukraine, posing a serious threat to high-value assets like tanks, at a fraction of the cost of conventional weaponry.

Commercial and FPV (First Person View) drones, previously associated with civilian applications, now play a pivotal role in military operations. Their multifaceted utility spans from reconnaissance and target designation to executing strikes and initiating alerts, reshaping the very landscape of warfare.

Naganuma’s observations underscore the critical need for military forces globally to comprehend and harness the potential of these cost-effective drones, heralding a transformative era in defense strategy and tactics.

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