Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ukrainian troops shoot down Russian Mi-8 helicopter

The Ukrainian military claimed on Sunday that it had shot down a Russian helicopter. 

In a Telegram post, the commander of Ukrainian ground forces, Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi, released a video capturing the crash site of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter. Information regarding casualties and the composition of the crew is currently unknown.

The precise location of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter’s landing was geolocated east of the settlement of Rayhorodka in the Luhansk region, according to the Militarnyi report.


The helicopter crash occurred more than five kilometers away from the front line, a distance that exceeds the maximum effective range of most portable anti-aircraft systems.

The successful downing of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter showcases the Ukrainian military’s preparedness and vigilance in safeguarding its territory. While the circumstances leading to this incident remain unclear, it underscores the ongoing challenges in the region and the necessity for heightened security measures.

The Mi-8 helicopter is a widely used Russian aircraft that serves various roles, including troop transport, search and rescue, and medical evacuation. Its presence in the area raises questions about the nature of its mission.

As further details emerge, this incident serves as a reminder of the complex situation in eastern Ukraine and the ongoing efforts to maintain stability and security in the region. The Ukrainian military’s ability to successfully counter aerial threats demonstrates its commitment to defending its territorial integrity.

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