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Ukrainian Soldiers commend Leopard-1 tanks in battle

Ukrainian military forces recently deployed the newly received Leopard 1A5 tanks on the battlefield.

Soldiers affirm that the Leopard 1A5 tanks showcase superior mobility and accuracy despite their age, especially when compared to their Soviet-era counterparts, such as the T-64BV tanks.

Notably, the Leopard 1A5 tanks boast improved targeting systems and a potent 105mm rifled gun, enabling Ukrainian troops to engage targets at distances that exceed the capabilities of the Russian military.


“These tanks have already been used at distances exceeding three thousand meters, with hits without any remarks,” said the Ukrainian Soldier.

Weighing 42 tons, the Leopard 1A5 achieves remarkable speeds of up to 65 km/h, outpacing Soviet-era tanks and providing a significant advantage in mobility and agility.

The Ukrainian military emphasizes the crucial role of heavy armament, like tanks, in advancing against enemy positions. They highlight the necessity of shielding infantry with heavy weaponry and armor, creating panic in the enemy ranks when tanks advance.

However, Ukrainian military personnel acknowledge that despite their advantages, the Leopard 1A5 tanks possess lower levels of armor compared to the T-64BV and have larger dimensions, making them more easily detectable by the enemy.

The current armor of the Leopard 1 doesn’t meet contemporary standards, posing a significant threat to the crew from basic anti-tank weaponry or FPV drones.

Discussions about Ukraine receiving Leopard 1 tanks for the first time began in early 2023.

Nearly two hundred combat vehicles will be delivered to Ukraine, undergoing repairs before shipment, and are set to receive additional armor protection upon arrival in Ukraine.

Most of the tanks procured for Ukraine belong to the latest serial version, A5, or have been previously modernized to this standard.

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