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Ukraine showcases HAWK air defense system in action

The Ukrainian Air Force has showcased the operational prowess of the HAWK air defense system, highlighting the effectiveness of the air defense technology provided by Western partners.

Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleshchuk, expressed the significance of these systems in enhancing Ukraine’s air defense capabilities.

“Achieving a 100% success rate is not an easy task, but we are committed to approaching it every day, strengthening our air defense. Western weaponry has proven and continues to prove its effectiveness in the field of battle,” Oleshchuk stated in his Telegram channel on Monday.


Commander Oleshchuk accompanied his message with a video depicting the operational use of the HAWK surface-to-air missile system during the night. He emphasized that this system, alongside more modern anti-aircraft missile systems used by Ukraine’s allies, plays a pivotal role in defending Ukrainian skies.

He further expressed gratitude to all the defenders of the sky for their current achievements and commended them for their swift and persistent efforts in mastering these new systems.

The MIM-23 HAWK is a missile system that can provide air defense coverage against low-to-medium-altitude aircraft and missiles. Basic Hawk was developed in the 1950s and initially fielded in 1960. The system has been upgraded through a series of product improvements beginning with the Improved Hawk in 1970.

Partners are providing Ukraine with an unspecified number of HAWK missiles from its inventory.

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