Monday, September 26, 2022

U.S. Army uses mockup of Chinese modern tank for training purposes

A mockup of modern Chinese main battle tank reportedly was spotted in Arkansas.

User of the social network captured pictures of Chinese tank being towed on the back of a trailer near U.S. military base. It is believed that the tank combat vehicle was spotted is none other than the mockup of the latest versions of the Type 99A currently fielded by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The picture first began to circulate on social media on August, 2021, but it is unclear when or where exactly it was taken.


Some experts said that the specific role of the mockup is a resemble the size and silhouette of the real tank to simulate enemy vehicles.

The Type 99A, also known as ZTZ-99, is a Chinese third generation main battle tank. It is armed with a 125mm smoothbore cannon also capable of firing guided missiles, has a remote weapon station on the turret armed with a heavy machine gun and can be fitted with an active protection system.

Photo by Tyg728

The tank’s welded turret is of an angular design with spaced modular armor and composite panels. The frontal protection is comparable to the M1 Abrams.Applique armor consists of modular armor mentioned above and track skirts. The Type 99A may mount 3rd generation (Relikt-type) ERA that provides protection against tandem-charge warheads.

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