Saturday, April 13, 2024

Senegal receives newest Chinese-made assault vehicles

The National Gendarmerie of Senegal has introduced a significant addition to its defense arsenal, acquiring an undisclosed number of Chinese-made Norinco VN22B wheeled armored assault vehicles.

These newest combat vehicles are equipped with a formidable 105mm gun and are compatible with all standard NATO 105mm ammunition.

The primary mission of the VN22B is to provide crucial firepower support to combat units. These versatile armored vehicles are tasked with tactical reconnaissance, territorial defense, convoy escort, and road patrol missions, making them an essential component of Senegal’s defense strategy.


The VN22B’s chassis is designed with a focus on protection, featuring integral additional armor to enhance its survivability on the battlefield. It boasts a fully electronically controlled automatic transmission, a full liquid-pneumatic lift body suspension, a V-shaped hydraulic jumper protective tailgate, and a suspended seat.

One of the vehicle’s standout features is its semi-active suspension system, allowing the operator to make suspension adjustments directly from the cockpit. This design provides the VN22B with the capability to achieve high-speed movement on flat terrain while maintaining exceptional off-road performance, ensuring adaptability in a variety of challenging situations.

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