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Satellite imagery confirms Ukrainian strike on Russian landing craft in Crimea

Ukraine has reportedly dealt a significant blow to Russian naval assets in Crimea, with satellite imagery revealing the aftermath of successful strikes on two Russian Navy landing craft.

Satellite imagery viewed by open-source intelligence (OSINT) analyst Brady Africk showcases the destruction in Chornomors’ke, northern Crimea.

The vessels identified as 1 x Project 11770 Serna Class and 1 x Project 1176 Ondatra Class, now lie sunken. These craft are crucial components of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and have played a pivotal role in the ongoing conflict.


Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) confirmed the successful strike, underscoring the significance of the operation. In an official statement, the GUR also specified that the targeted vessels included the Project 11770 Serna Class and 1 Project Ondatra Class landing craft. The GUR’s revelation sheds light on Ukraine’s tactical precision and the gravity of the impact on Russian naval capabilities.

The Project 11770 Serna class landing craft, one of the targeted vessels, has been a linchpin in Russia’s occupation strategy, particularly in the annexation of Snake Island. These craft have consistently been deployed for the transfer of military equipment and personnel, often laden with armored vehicles such as the BTR-82.

In a move that underscores the technological prowess of Ukraine’s military, footage released by GUR showcases naval drones precisely hitting multiple Russian landing craft at the site. The precision and effectiveness of the strikes are evident in the destruction witnessed in the satellite imagery.

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