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Russians employ new FPV drone tactics in Ukrainian position assaults

The Russian military, it seems, is far from stagnant and continues to refine its approach in deploying FPV (First Person View) drones for assault missions.

The DeepState UA, an open-source intelligence (OSINT) community, has highlighted the urgency for Ukrainian defense authorities to bolster their countermeasures against this unconventional and increasingly effective tool of warfare. This innovation has not gone unnoticed, and it demands an emergency response.

A disconcerting incident took place last week in the proximity of Staryi Mayorsk and Priyutne, Zaporizhia region, painting a vivid picture of the situation on the ground. Three Ukrainian positions, manned by a total of at least 13 soldiers, clashed with four Russian attackers.


The footage shows a sequence of attacks aimed at the first trench, resulting in the demise of a Ukrainian machine gunner and another brave soldier who was attempting to hold back the assault of the four enemy combatants. Tragically, all four Ukrainian defenders lost their lives.

Image by the DeepState UA

Subsequent strikes targeted the second trench, causing injuries and fatalities among the defenders. Three Ukrainian soldiers perished, while two managed to escape the onslaught.

In the seventh frame, an enemy fighter is seen retreating from the second trench, indicating the danger and urgency of the situation. Inside the trench, which originally housed four soldiers, only a fortunate few survived, thanks to their quick thinking.

In total, Ukrainian military personnel suffered seven fatalities, while the enemy incurred no losses. Additionally, the Russian forces have managed to secure a nearly one-kilometer stretch of forested terrain.

“We won’t specify the cost of the eight FPV drones that led to this outcome. It’s not accurate to say our soldiers made mistakes. They held their ground and fought until the very end, preventing the enemy from advancing,” emphasized the DeepState UA community.

These are the harsh realities of war, where the smallest changes on the map translate to sweat, blood, and sacrifice.

The deployment of FPV drones in conflict zones is reshaping the dynamics of warfare, demanding innovative solutions and steadfast resilience from those on the front lines.

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