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Russian military create Frankenstein rocket launcher

A recent video circulating on Telegram showcases Russia’s “innovative” adaptation of naval weaponry to land-based use, presenting the “Frankenstein” rocket launcher—a combination of the RBU-6000 naval rocket launcher mounted on an MT-LB multipurpose tracked armored vehicle chassis.

The demonstration, featuring the RBU-6000 launcher deployed on an MT-LB chassis, was attributed to the artillery division of the Volunteer Reconnaissance Assault Brigade “Nevsky” of the Russian Armed Forces.

Due to a lack of suitable land-based weapons and a probable surplus of naval armaments, the RBU-6000 launcher, originally designed for anti-submarine warfare, has been repurposed for ground operations, mounted on the MT-LB chassis.


Notably, the manual reloading process underscores the challenge of adapting maritime weaponry for land use. While naval vessels typically feature dedicated storage compartments for munitions, land-based platforms like the MT-LB lack such provisions, necessitating manual reloading procedures. With each RGB-60 rocket weighing 113 kilograms and requiring manual handling, the reloading process poses logistical complexities. By comparison, artillery rockets for systems like the BM-21 Grad weigh approximately 66 kilograms and still require multiple personnel for handling.

The RBU-6000, also known as “Smerch-2,” is a Soviet-era rocket launcher equipped with twelve radially arranged barrels and designed for engaging enemy submarines and torpedoes.

The technical specifications of the RBU-6000 suggest its capacity for targeted areas with rapid salvos, with an effective range of 5.2 kilometers and a maximum firing rate of one shot every 2.4 seconds.

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