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Russian military aviators ask for aid as freezing temperatures

Russian military aviators stationed at the Millerovo Air Base, home to the 31st Fighter Aviation Regiment, are facing a pressing challenge despite Russia’s colossal defense budget.

Despite being part of a military force with one of the world’s largest budgets, these aviators find themselves struggling with harsh winter conditions, resorting to social media for aid in acquiring firewood to heat their airfield quarters.

The plea for assistance came from Ilya Tumanov, a prominent Russian military figure and propagandist, who, through his influential channel ‘Fighterbomber,’ called upon his followers to support their colleagues at Millerovo. Tumanov emphasized the dire situation, stating, “Aviators need help. They’re freezing f*ck. Need firewood to stoke the furnaces at Millerovo airfield.”


Millerovo Air Base, situated within a stone’s throw of the Ukrainian border, operates Su-30SM fighter jets known for their engagement in conflicts in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

The irony of this plea for firewood is starkly contrasted against Russia’s exorbitant defense expenditure. In the first half of 2023, Russia surpassed its initially projected defense budget by a substantial 12%, amounting to 600 billion roubles. This escalation in spending has driven defense expenditures to nearly one-third of the country’s total budget for the year 2024, as Moscow channels an increasing share of resources toward the ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

To fund the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine, Russia plans to escalate state borrowing, aiming to restore financial stability through projected recoveries in oil and gas revenues.

The plea for firewood from Russian aviators at Millerovo, despite the vast defense spending, sheds light on the paradoxical challenges faced by personnel on the ground despite the nation’s robust financial allocation to defense.

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