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Russia develops new rocket launcher

The Russian defense industry is developing a new rocket launcher to make up in numbers what it has lost since the invasion began on Feb. 24.

The Russian Army is moving to develop the Spartak modular armored platform to mount a Tornado-G 122mm multiple rocket launcher system to replace the legendary Grad rocket system.

According to the Russian state media, the new multiple rocket launcher system is designed to strike armored vehicles, artillery mortar batteries, and command posts. The striking is increased to 40 kilometers. The Tornado-G on the Spartak platform used new ammunition and can strike multiple targets. The system is able to strike not only a single target but also a group of targets like columns, enemy concentration, and deployment area.


The combat vehicle is equipped with an automated fire control system, which enables the crew to work without leaving the protected cabin. The gross weight of this unit is 18,500 kg.

Armor protects from bullets and shrapnel, the bottom and wheels can withstand the explosion of six kilograms of explosives.

Engine power is 312 hp. Maximum speed on the highway – 100 kilometers per hour. Range – one thousand kilometers. Not counting the driver, the four-door cab accommodates four more people. As auxiliary armament is used 7.62-mm PKM.

Russian Grad multiple-launch rocket systems have faced heavy losses in Ukraine; Russia’s military has reportedly lost more than 300 Grad rocket launchers in Ukraine since the start of the war in 2022.

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