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Russia deploys new thermobaric rocket launcher to Ukraine

Russia’s state media have released footage showcasing the combat deployment of its advanced flamethrower system, the TOS-2 ‘Tosochka,’ in Ukraine.

Russian media reported that the TOS-2 represents an evolutionary step from the TOS-1A, featuring crucial upgrades such as a wheeled chassis and new components. This development enhances the system’s mobility and operational efficiency.

The development of the new version of Russia’s terrifying TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launchers involved relocating the primary equipment to a wheeled platform. The TOS-2 is mounted on a wheeled ‘Ural’ chassis with an armored cabin. The addition of a crane for rocket reloading, a new fire control system (FCS), and other enhancements significantly improve its overall performance.


The chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops, also known collectively by the acronym RKhB, I. Kirillov, announced in November 2020 that the TOS-2 had entered the research and military testing phase. The decision regarding its official adoption into the armed forces will be based on the outcomes of this assessment.

Notable improvements in the TOS-2 include extending its range to 15 kilometers, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of its thermobaric warheads, and introducing reinforced armor protection for the platform. Furthermore, the number of launch tubes on the TOS-2 has been reduced to 18, streamlining its design while maintaining firepower.

The most significant advancement in the TOS-2 is its expanded scope, enabling it to participate in large-scale, joint military operations.

The deployment of the TOS-2 ‘Tosochka’ system in Ukraine serves as a tangible demonstration of Russia’s military capabilities and its continued pursuit of enhanced firepower, precision, and versatility.

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