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Ukraine’s emergency services disarm downed Russian Kinzhal missile

The Mobile Rescue Center’s explosive ordnance disposal team from Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (DSNС) worked in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi district to neutralize the warhead of the Kh-47M missile, which was downed on 2 Jan.

“Dealing with various types of ammunition, missiles, and improvised explosive devices is a routine task for the DSNС engineers, who are doing it for the safety of the Ukrainian people,” communicated the Ukrainian emergency service.

The Ukrainian Air Forces have reported a successful neutralization of a barrage of Russian ‘hypersonic’ missiles, countering a replicated assault by the aggressor early on January 2nd.


According to the Ukrainian Air Force statement, the interception successfully shot down ten Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles launched from MiG-31K aircraft.

This assault targeted critical infrastructure, industrial, civilian, and military sites, with the primary focus directed at the capital city of Ukraine.

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal is a Russian hypersonic aviation missile system. Its size and external appearance resemble the Iskander missile systems of the SAMs (surface-to-air missiles). The missile’s claimed maximum speed reaches 10 Mach. It is carried by a modified interceptor aircraft, the MiG-31K, capable of carrying a single missile and striking targets up to 2000 kilometers away.

This cutting-edge missile system poses a significant threat due to its high-speed capabilities, allowing it to move at speeds exceeding 10 Mach, making interception and defense extraordinarily challenging for conventional air defense systems.

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