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John Cockerill Defense showcases its latest products at IDEX 2021

Belgium’s John Cockerill Defense (previously CMI Defence) showcased at the IDEX 2021 defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi its latest innovative products.

John Cockerill Defense is presenting at IDEX 2021 its new products which combine modularity, reliability and high performance: the Cockerill 1030 and the Cockerill CLWS.

The Cockerill 1030 is a new concept of multi-role turret which combines power and lightness.


This turret is based on the huge experience acquired with all the Cockerill products and with more than 600 units fitted with Mk44S gun delivered and more than 1000 turrets now in service in the world.

As noted by the company, this experience, coupled with high level of expertise in turret development and quality standards, guarantees a high level of reliability and performance in terms of precision, stabilization, integration.

The up-to-date electronic architecture is also common to new CPWS Gen. 2 and offers digital technology and an open architecture that allows the integration of multiple sights, AT missiles, smoke grenades launchers, while being manufacturer agnostic.

Also, John Cockerill Defense is presenting at IDEX and for the first time in the Middle East, its new Cockerill CLWS.

John Cockerill Defense is expanding its product range by offering its new modular stabilised turret (Remote Weapon System) to equip light armoured vehicles (4×4, 6×6,…) while integrating significant fire power through a range of calibres such as 25mm, 30x113mm, 12.7mm, coax 7.62mm, rockets and anti-tank guided missiles.

The 140 rounds of ready-to-fire ammunition (25mm) and 200 for the coaxial machine gun make it an ideal system for missions requiring high mobility. Its low mass (±600kg) and compact design (height < 600mm with gun-linked optics) make it possible to benefit from a low silhouette and limited mass for all types of light armoured vehicles.

Modularity, the strong point of John Cockerill Defense products, enables the Cockerill CLWS tobe configured in different variants according to the missions and to integrate various equipment to increase knowledge of the environment and active defence through gun-linked or panoramic optics (360°), LWS, SGL, APS,… Armouring of the main functions is also proposed.

In addition, innovative under-armour reloading from below the system and through the armoured vehicle makes it a system combining firepower, protection, lightness and modularity.

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