Thursday, April 25, 2024

Hanwha preparing its new ground robot for big military test

South Korea’s Hanwha Corporation announced that it has upgraded its AI-based ‘multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle’ and preparing for the big military test with the Republic of Korea Army.

As noted by the company, the Multi-Purpose Unmanned Ground Vehicle’ is a futuristic defense robot system capable of carrying out various missions such as transporting ammunition, reconnaissance, and evacuating patients on the battlefield.

Company also says the artificial intelligence-based model featuring an autonomous return function was selected for a military test operation in the second half of this year to check its performance, operational convenience and tactical operability.


“The ROK army will evaluate the mission performance, operational convenience, and tactical operability of Multi-Purpose Unmanned Ground Vehicle in the second half of this year,” the statement said.

The prototype to be unveiled in July is a six-wheeled platform that strengthened export competitiveness by improving the maximum speed, load weight and range of the previous unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) capable of carrying supplies, searching battlefields, evacuating patients, and launching strikes.

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