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Greywolf Brigade receives newest version of M1A2 main battle tank

The 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team “Greywolf” has received the advanced version of M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.

The Greywolf Brigade tweeted images of their newly received M1A2 tanks in Systems Engineering Plan version 3 or SEP v3. It is the latest version of America’s sole main battle tank.

“How do you remain the most lethal brigade combat team on planet earth? Through focused maintenance and tough, realistic training of course. The U.S. Army newest version of the M1A2 main battle tank doesn’t hurt either,” said in a statement on an official Twitter account. “The Brigade is first in line to receive the new SEP v. 3 tanks.”


Except for the exterior, today’s SEP v3 would be almost unrecognizable to the tankers who served on its earliest incarnation.

The list of improvements is lengthy: improved fire control electronics mean the SEP v3’s gun can shoot faster and more accurately; the engine, drivetrain, and tracks have been updated for higher performance and to support the platform’s weight increase.

The newest Abrams also is also more heavily armored than previous versions, which necessitates improvements in the power system and suspension.

Some sources said that the M1A2 SEP v3 will be equipped Trophy active protection system (APS) that eliminates enemy threats, such as rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles.

The SEP v3 measures 9.7m-long, 3.7m-wide and 2.4m-high, and is manned by a crew of four, including a driver, a commander, a loader and a gunner.

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