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Futuristic drone draws military attention at Exercise Apollo Shield

Ascent AeroSystems showcased its innovative unmanned aerial system, the Spirit, during the Blue UAS Industry Day held as part of Exercise Apollo Shield at the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center on October 20, 2023.

Exercise Apollo Shield represents the pinnacle of a year-long collaborative effort to assess equipment capabilities and fine-tune tactics, techniques, and procedures in a bilateral exercise.

Ascent AeroSystems has introduced a revolutionary drone system that is characterized by its compact, modular design, fostering a versatile ecosystem of swappable payloads and technology upgrades. This adaptability ensures that the right tools can be deployed swiftly to the required location at the right time, eliminating the need for high-stakes tradeoffs that often compromise capabilities due to bulky, heavy equipment. The setup process is both quick and straightforward, enabling takeoff from virtually any type of terrain.


The drone boasts a rugged, all-weather airframe that is engineered to withstand environmental contaminants, making it operational under various weather conditions, including heavy rain, sleet, snow, and sand.

Distinguishing itself with a streamlined design, the Spirit can reach speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour and operate effectively in winds that would force other UAVs to remain grounded. This adaptability is a result of the Spirit’s innovative design, which allows seamless integration of emerging technologies and facilitates the utilization of a growing array of payloads, power sources, and launch methods.

Ascent AeroSystems said that with its capabilities and versatility, the Spirit represents a significant step forward in drone technology and is set to play a vital role in various applications, from defense to commercial ventures.

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