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Drone operator rescues Ukrainian soldier in enemy captivity

In a unique operation, a drone operator from the 95th Separate Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to extract a Ukrainian soldier who had fallen into enemy hands.

According to the Ukrainian paratroopers, they were operating within a zone controlled by the enemy. Using lightweight bombs dropped from drones, they successfully neutralized several Russian soldiers. It was during this mission that they discovered a bound Ukrainian serviceman in a trench, belonging to a different brigade.

“Our drone operator, codenamed ‘Kevin,’ started catching the attention of the captured soldier by flashing lights from the ‘Mavic.’ The guy on the ground realized it was our side and began following our drone,” explained the commander of the unmanned systems group, known as ‘Sheriff.’ “As we were guiding our comrade out, another surviving enemy was encountered. The Russian didn’t notice our ‘bird,’ which still had one grenade left. He gestured to the Ukrainian soldier to come back. That’s when ‘Kevin’ dropped the grenade on the occupant, incapacitating him, and continued guiding our comrade back to his unit.”


The military highlighted that such operations in warfare require not just brute force but also ingenuity, enabling successful dismantling of the enemy’s defenses and the rescue of fellow soldiers.

This daring and resourceful use of drone technology in a rescue mission underscores the evolving nature of modern warfare, where tactical innovation often plays a pivotal role in securing victories and safeguarding troops.

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