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Ukrainian Airborne Forces conducted a training operation as part of the Rapid Trident 16 exercise

Ukrainian Airborne Forces conducted an airborne training operation  as part of the exercise  Rapid Trident 16 performed at different sites of the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre.

Airborne troops attacked “enemy” with support staff armored units – armored vehicles KrAZ “Spartan” who fire guns NSVT intensified pressure “winged infantry”. In the rear of the enemy pair of Mi-8 helicopters landed reinforcements for landing. Also, pilots paid a “hit” with the air support of the ground forces and the destruction of manpower and firepower of the enemy.

This year more than 1,800 servicemen from 13 countries (Ukraine, the USA, Canada, the UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Norway, and Sweden) participate in the  Rapid Trident 16 exercise.


Rapid Trident exercise came during a time of turmoil for Ukraine, which has been fighting a Russia-backed insurgency in its eastern region since a revolution in February and Moscow’s annexation of the Crimea peninsula in March.

The exercise’s focus was on improving the combat capabilities of allies and ensuring they are capable of fighting together on the battlefield. The exercise was also meant to send a signal to Russia that the U.S. and allies stand with Ukraine, U.S. Army officials said.

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