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U.S. Army has begun testing newest Bradley variant with new suspension system

The U.S. Army has begun testing an improved version of Bradley fighting vehicle at U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, all to ensure it functions as it should wherever in the world it could be called on to serve, according to a KYMA report.

The latest Bradley variant includes the advanced running gear that will allow combat vehicle to be raised and lowered depending on the terrain.

YPG’s test center is trying out a new suspension system to improve the ride quality when hauling soldiers through combat zones, as well as reducing maintenance time.


Mark Schauer said, “The vehicle itself is still on the drawing board. But we’re testing components that may be used in future vehicles.”

Test officer, Jade Janis added, “There’s nothing on this system that’s the same as something in use already. It’s all completely redesigned with newer technology.”

The newly implemented suspension system offers a built-in height management system; giving the capability to raise and lower the vehicle from the driver’s seat.

According to the open information, the new track system could be Horstman’s hydro-pneumatic suspension uses high-pressure nitrogen gas and an integral oil damper that is all contained within the road arm. This reduces weight and space compared to other hydrop or coil solutions.

Designed Horstman Holdings Ltd. as the most efficient packaging space solution, a new track system will provide a growth path to advanced variable damping, lock-out and ride height management systems.

Bases hydro-pneumatic track system for combat vehicle was developed by Horstman in the mid-1990s initially for the UK MODs Future Scout Cavalry System (FSCS) Tracer and US Army’s Future Combat System (FCS) programs, to eliminate the need for torsion bars and to minimize or eliminate road arm penetration of the vehicle hull.

Photo by KYMA
Photo by KYMA

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