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Softex-Aero to showcase its new VV-2 a high-speed helicopter

The Softex-Aero to showcase its new VV-2 a  high-speed, single-engine, two seat (tandem) helicopter. It is designed for either piloted or unmanned flight, reported by

The new VV-2 high-speed helicopter manufactured by Softex-Aero is one of the largest aircraft industrial companies with complete cycle of production in Ukraine.

The  VV-2 powered by a PBS Czech Republic TS 100 ZA engine and  have delivered 190 H.P. / 140 kW in cruise regime or    245 H.P. / 180 kW  take off-5minutes.


VV-2 is equipped with modern navigation instrumentation, including autopilot. This fact allows to access necessary information in any time.

 The possibility for installation of any equipment on customer’s desire. The precise analysis of every element of control panel, even location and luminance of signal indicators, will be carried for these purposes. This provides pilot with the most significant information, not diverting him from the flight.


  • Never Exceed Speed 252 km/h
  • Maximum Cruise Speed 240 km/h | Long Range Cruise Speed 220 km/h | Rate of Climb 9 m/s
  • Range at LRC Speed 500 km
  • OGE Hover Ceiling 3400 m. | IGE Hover Ceiling 4000 m.
  • Max Take-off Weight 1100 kg
  • Empty Weight 565 kg | Max Gross Weight (External load) 900 kg. Useful Load (Internal) 380 kg.
  • Main Rotor – Composite Structure
  • Tail Rotor – Composite Structure
  • Diameter Tail Rotor 1.4 m
  • Landing Gear Tread 2 m.      
  •  Cabin Dimentions / Volume 0,73×1,2×2,02 m. / 1.7m3
 unmanned autonomous helicopter based on VV-2
unmanned autonomous helicopter based on VV-2

Also Softex-Aero develops two-engine multipurpose plane SOFTEX V24, designed for four seats, and light multipurpose helicopter , designed for five seats, with gas-turbine engine. The company uses modern composite technologies in construction of this aircrafts.

Company Softex-Aero plans to become one of the leaders of world civil aviation industry in the sphere of light planes and helicopters in September 2017.

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