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Saab released video of next-generation mine disposal vehicle

Defense and aerospace group Saab on Thursday posted video showed the next-generation mine disposal vehicle, called MuMNS.

“MuMNS is Saab’s next-generation mine disposal vehicle. With its onboard sonar and cameras, it locates the target, when the mine is identified, the pilot attach a charge to the mine and release it from a safe distance,” said Saab on its Twitter account.

The company’s website said the Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) is one example of how Saab’s highly reliable and adaptable vehicles can be used in a variety of different roles, including live operational mine clearance, peacetime operations against historical ordnance, mine investigation and underwater demolitions.


The system is effective against a complete range of underwater targets: mines (ground, moored, floating and drifting), depth charges, torpedoes and IEDs.

A separate inspection or training round is not required for the system and so the team is able to train exactly as it would operate.

The MuMNS it consists of three sub-systems: a vehicle, a Mine Disposal Magazine, and a Mine Disposal System. This modularity means that MuMNS has an inherent flexibility and can be modified to meet specific operational requirements.

The vehicle includes a control and display unit, a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) and a Winch. The Mine Disposal Magazine, known as Storm, is designed as a tooling skid which allows the vehicle to be reconfigured and used for different tasks. The magazine can be fitted to Saab’s complete range of vehicles – both defence and commercial.

The third sub-system is the Mine Disposal System which is loaded into each of the magazine’s silos. It combines the mine disruptor with an integrated Remote Command Initiated System (RCIS), producing an operational vehicle with greater flexibility than the current one-shot disposal systems.

The reduced cost of live rounds means that MuMNS can be used on a regular basis, thereby increasing its availability to be used in live training. The MuMNS has advanced technical capabilities that make it a versatile MCM solution, offering effective and reliable protection for your forces.

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