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Russia’s terrifying “Terminator” vehicles floods toward border with Ukraine

Russian Terminator advanced urban fighting vehicles spotted spotted moving near from the Ukraine in the Bryansk region.

Recent video posted to social media has severals Terminator tank support vehicles on trains heading toward Ukrainian border in Bryansk region.

The vehicle is designed to provide fire support for the armor in an offensive, including neutralizing enemy manpower that uses man-portable anti-tank systems. It is equipped with the supersonic anti-tank missile system Ataka, which is able to reach targets up to 6 kilometers, two 30mm guns that can be used against infantry forces and helicopters, two grenade launchers, and a Kalashnikov submachine gun.


The three-man crew are protected against biological weapons by a sealed defence system.

The combat vehicle is built on the chassis of the Soviet-era T-72 battle tank which is used by the Russian Army.

According to TASS, the Terminator is a multi-purpose heavily armored and armed tracked fire support fighting vehicle that features powerful armament, advanced fire control instruments and high maneuverability.

The ‘Terminator’ is capable of striking light armored targets, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, operate jointly with battlefield air defense systems to fight enemy helicopters and low-flying low-speed aircraft, according to TASS reports.

Previously, combat vehicles of this type were not seen in the fighting during Russia’s unprovoked onslaught in Ukraine.

Currently, Russia’s top army commanders seek to establish full control over the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The next phase of the war – which could yet be decisive – is expected to unfold in the Donbas in the next week as Russian forces seek to capture Mariupol, create a land bridge to Crimea, expand the area of occupation in the self-proclaimed republics in Donetsk and Luhansk – and perhaps encircle Ukraine’s main fighting force ranged against it.

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