Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Russian firm develops MPCT multi-purpose crawler-transporter with electromechanical transmission

The Moscow-based “Special projects of mechanical engineering”  is developing a new MPCT multi-purpose crawler-transporter with electromechanical transmission.

The new MPCT  multi-purpose armoured tracked vehicle is intended to replace the aging Soviet MT-LB multi-purpose tracked carrier that is still in use by more than 20 countries.

The “Special projects of mechanical engineering” is currently working on the creation of a multi-purpose crawler-transporter (MPCT), fully capable to operate in the Arctic’s extreme conditions. For now, the company completed our calculations and mathematical modeling of the vehicle.


MPCT is an innovative vehicle, which comprises:

  • hybrid power units;
  • electromechanical transmissions (EMTs);
  • intellectual on-board electronics and control systems;
  • remote control option;
  • rubber block tracks.

According to the company, key components of EMTs and hybrid power units (DVIT-110 traction motors, GVIT-210 traction generators, control systems) were developed by “Special projects of mechanical engineering”. MPCT has no components and assemblies of foreign manufacture. MPCT has no Russian counterparts.


  • Operational weight, 12 000 kg
  • Maximum load capacity, 4 000 kg
  • Maximum trailer weight, 6 500 kg
  • Total number of seats with driver’s one 18
  • Dimensions:
    length, 7 210 mm
    width, 2 850 mm
    height, 2 235 mm
  • Track, 2 500 mm
  • Wheelbase, 4 445 mm
  • Clearance, 400 mm
  • Speed:
    Ground, max., 65 kmph
    Swimming, max., 5 kmph
  • Maximum angle of gradient, 35°
  • Maximum banking angle, 25°
  • Engine YaMZ-536
  • Specific ground pressure, 0,485 kgf/sm2
  • Suspension: Individual, with torsion bar and hydraulic shock absorbers, mounted on the front and rear lower track rollers.

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