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Russia unveils new wheeled infantry fighting vehicle at ARMY 2017

The KBP Instrument Design Bureau and Military Industrial Company are developing a new version of next-generation of Russian fighting vehicle known as the K-17 «Berezhlivyy» (Thrifty).

The K-17 «Berezhlivyy» wheeled infantry fighting vehicle was unveiled during the Army-2017 international military-technical exhibition. The new fighting vehicle fitted with a «Berezhok» manned turret with a 30mm 2A42 automatic gun as a main weapon with coaxial 7.62mm PKT/PKTM machine gun and four ready-to-launch 9M133 Kornet-Eanti-tank guided missiles. The «Berezhok» manned turret developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau.

The wheeled infantry fighting vehicle is based on the chassis of the Bumerang amphibious wheeled armored personnel carrier developed by Military Industrial Company. The K-17 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle with «Berezhok» manned turret will move at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour on the ground, while in water it will be able to travel at about 2 kilometers per hour.


The Bumerang platform was developed according to an extremely tight schedule. With the Defense Ministry approving the project in November 2011, the first prototypes were delivered in 2013; the vehicles participated in the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War on May 9, 2015. Since then, they have been undergoing extensive testing, and are being selectively introduced into the army.

K-17 «Berezhlivyy» wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (c)
K-17 «Berezhlivyy» wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (c)
K-17 «Berezhlivyy» wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (c)

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