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Russia sent sniper squads to eastern Ukraine

Russia continues to take steps that are designed to destabilize Ukrainian politics and security.

Moscow increases its military activity in Crimea and eastern Ukraine and sends more weapons for its separatist proxies in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In addition to this, the movement of Russian sniper squads and their shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian troops were recorded.

Two Ukrainian soldiers were mortally wounded on April 5 by a Russian sniper near the front line city of Zolotogo-4 and Avdiyivky, according to a statement by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Russian sniper squads in small groups and are scattered along the entire front line. Russian sniper squads are well equipped and trained, they use modern rifles and equipment.

In addition, earlier in June 2020, the Ukrainian military released video footage that shows what it claims is a team of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) snipers operating in eastern Ukraine.

Analysts interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty agreed that the men’s equipment indicated that, at the very least, they were supported by a state actor — and that Russia was the most likely candidate.

AK-105 assault rifles
AK-105 assault rifles

Russian sniper team was armed with AK-105 assault rifles, modern counter-drone “Zaslon” microwave weapon.

Accuracy International AX sniper rifle
Accuracy International AX sniper rifle
Glock 17 pistol
Glock 17 pistol

One of the squad’s snipers was armed with the British Accuracy International AX sniper rifle, caliber 338 and Austrian Glock 17 pistol.

Kestler weather station
Kestrel weather station

In addition, the sniper used the standard for Remove term: Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Kestrel weather station with a ballistic calculator model 4500.

Safran's JIM LR
Safran’s JIM LR

Also in the video was spotted French multifunctional thermal imaging binoculars with a laser rangefinder Safran’s JIM LR.

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