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Philippine Army selects Sabrah light tank

The Philippine Army has selected Sabrah light tank for the Philippine Army’s Light Tank Acquisition Project.

The Israeli company Elbit Systems has won a $196 million contract to produce and supply the Sabrah 105mm light tank based on General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) tracked platform ASCOD 2 and wheeled platform Pandur II.

According to Elbit, “The Sabrah light tank series is based on a tracked or wheeled platform, as part of Elbit Systems’ global cooperation with tier-one military platform manufacturers.”


“Due to ongoing development and technology insertion, the ASCOD offers advanced protection and mobility, large internal volume at very compact dimensions, and a large payload at low GVW,” Elbit said. “The chassis provides the ASCOD with its mobility/mine protection characteristics and acts as the interface for all other primary subsystems.”

“The Pandur offers a unique solution of wheel suspensions characterized by robus chassis components, optimum riding comfort and minimum maintenance effort,” Elbit noted.

All tanks will be armed with a 105mm cannon and equipped with the E-LynX and Torch-X systems.

According to, the 105 mm gun system is fitted with an automatic loading system with 12 rounds ready to fire. The vehicle carries a total of 36 ammunition, with 24 rounds stored in the hull. The gun can fire a wide range of NATO ammunition including HEP-T (High-explosive), HESH (High-explosive squash head), APFSDS (Armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot) as well as advanced ammunition, T-MP-HE M110.

The 105 mm gun has an effective firing range of 3,600m with a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute.

Per the contract, Philippine Army will receive 8 tanks “Sabra” based on ASCOD 2; 10 Sabra tanks based on Pandur II; 1 command vehicle ASCOD 2 (armored command vehicle); 1 ARV based on ASCOD 2 (armored recovery vehicle).

In addition, Elbit is also responsible for the supply of 28 IVECO Guarani wheeled armored personnel carriers (6×6) in the amount of $ 47 million. All armored personnel carriers are equipped with turrets with a 12.7-mm machine gun and a 40-mm grenade launcher, there is also the option of installing a remotely controlled turret with a 12.7-mm machine gun. All armored personnel carriers are equipped with E-LynX and Torch-X systems.

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